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We Offer a Wide Variety of IT Services

Noah IT Solutions is fully committed to quality in the entire range of its services - engineering, installation, operation, training & management for technologies - from network infrastructure to network security & management as well as voice over IP services.

Ours is a dedicated company providing complete range of IT & ITES solutions to our clients. We provide consultancy services apart from networking solutions, systems administration and various other technical services to enable the success of our client companies. Information Technology and automation are our areas of expertise.

Our Technical Services Division offers the following services:

1. WAN Connectivity Services

Noah IT Solutions provides diverse solutions to your business requirements ranging from network services to reliable and secure connectivity from desktop to WAN and to Enterprise-Wide operations for all kinds of IT environments. We seek to provide the vital link with all the information needed to perform all business operations. Our network engineers deliver ready solutions for all small, medium or large LANs, WANs, or enterprise-wide communication capabilities.

Our network services include the following components:

  • Evaluation and planning
  • Requirements analysis
  • Network design and architecture
  • Communication protocols
  • Integration services
  • Network management systems and services
  • Client support services

Accessing, retrieving, viewing, and using information are the vital aspects for the success of any enterprise – small or large. Our specialty service makes sure that the entire process is without any interruption ensuring smooth connectivity and peace of mind.

We are very much familiar with the Indian industry and environment – our major areas of work is implementing WAN connectivity as well as liaising with regulatory authorities (Telecom – Carriers and ISP’s) for necessary approvals. Our areas of expertise include point to point leased data circuit, IP VPN, MPLS, ISDN, VSAT and Dial-up. Noah IT Solutions is committed to perfect execution and 100% Customer Satisfaction on every service we provide.

2. Structured Cabling Systems

The fully operative Structured Cabling Division at Noah IT Solutions with its certified installation staff promises high quality commercial and industrial cabling at unbelievably affordable rates. Our expertise and thorough understanding of technology & project management enable us to extend unprecedented quality levels in our services.

Noah IT Solutions’ Cabling Division offers a wide range of products and services to its customers all over the country. Our highly competent engineers provide all the services to our clients need for a successful installation - from the design of the structured cable system to installation as well as testing and documentation.

We believe in continuously updating our knowledge and practices in order to cater to the changing needs of our customers. All our technical staff undergoes various training and certification programs from time to time in order to keep pace with the emerging technologies. This quality consciousness enables us to provide cable plant installations with upto 25 years of warranty. This warranty covers not just parts and labour but also the entire installation that successfully covers all your applications.

World-class design and complete customer satisfaction are our objectives at Noah IT Solutions. Our obsession with quality for installation and all the other services gives us the confidence in delivering world-class turnkey systems in all types of installation environments. We have successfully associated with our clients and partner companies in India and abroad to enhance business opportunities through technology. Noah IT Solutions caters to all business requirements by providing designs complying with world-class standards – implementation of network infrastructure, telephony, and communications cabling coupled with unmatched support.

Our team of project managers, certified infrastructure engineers, networking consultants, and cabling experts come together and strive to offer a wide range of networking solutions. Noah IT Solutions Project Team focuses on every aspect of a technological build-out including physical layer, Inside and Outside Plant, LAN, WAN, Circuits, Intranet, Internet, Automation, Multimedia Entertainment Systems, and applications.

Structured Cabling Installation and Value Engineering

Structured cable plant installation, engineering and support are our strong areas. Our specialist technicians provide you all the required support to make your infrastructure meet the highest possible standards in your business. Our highly qualified and dedicated personnel provide certified systems with applications with a warranty up to 25 years. Engineering and installing industry standard Information Transport Systems provide you with reliable low-voltage infrastructure for voice, data, and video building automation systems.

Noah IT Solutions with its strong presence and vast experience in the area of large-scale projects offers you a range of computer and voice technologies. Our technicians with a handy exposure to design, implementation, and project management, provide state-of-the-art solutions to all your complex business requirements.

The confidence posed in us by our trusted customer base holds proof to our credibility. The alacrity and alertness of our quality technicians is the key to our ability to deliver world-class solutions for all types of environments. We believe in providing strong support to our client companies working in the background. We take immense satisfaction in the success of our client companies. Total customer satisfaction is the bottom-line for our success.


Noah IT Solutions undertakes outsourcing of all types of move/add/change work. Noah IT Solutions offers you affordable packages to meet any MAC level of effort including scheduled batch updates and/or on-call and emergency modifications.

We believe in retaining the customer and maintaining a life-long relationship with all our client companies. We are of the firm opinion that our responsibility does not end with the installation but it is just the beginning of a long and mutually satisfying relationship with our customer. Our service support long after the successful installation is unmatched in the industry. Our relationship brings about a smooth progress for your as well as our business.

3. On-Site Support

Noah IT Solutions provides on-site support, staff augmentation and all kinds of technical assistance for customers who do not have a physical presence with a Co-location hosting environment to help you with your Information Technology requirements.

Noah IT Solutions offers 24 x 7 on-site IT support guided by contract deliverables and incorporated service level agreements that bring about immediate response and service resolution.

Our certified team of on-site professionals with extensive experience in enterprise data center software, hardware and applications will directly interact with your technical personnel to fix any problem as and when it arises. Our services include the following:

  • Advanced systems and network troubleshooting. Provide security patches, updates and regular OS and hardware maintenance along with existing applications to ensure optimum vulnerability and functionality.
  • Install, replace or remove equipment components (e.g. router/switches, internal modules or cards, disk drives, memory, etc.) that are hot-swappable and/or highly modular in design.
  • Full deployment of delivered infrastructure, including hardware, software, middleware, and related components complete with as-built documentation and testing.
  • Design, install and implement new LAN/WAN or assistance in augmentation of existing platforms or networks.
  • Install customer application software with default configurations or specific customer-provided configurations. Rebooting or power cycling equipment. Provide remote hands and eyes for a customer’s remote troubleshooting efforts.
  • Relaying equipment status and functionality via terminal monitor or console connection. Testing and certification of Ethernet and fiber optic cabling.
  • Media changes - swapping of pre-labeled, pre-ejected removable media types.
  • Adding, removing, or verifying circuit demarcation labels.
  • Labeling equipment and cable connections, including the standardization of infrastructure and system components for documentation and management including standard naming conventions and labeling. Packaging, shipping and handling customer equipment or RMA equipment.
  • Moving, securing, installing, replacing or verifying connectivity integrity for cross-connects and third party circuits.
  • Establishing or taking down a loop-back on a carrier circuit to assist in remote testing. Diagnostic and signal testing a circuit with diagnostic equipment including loop-back testing for Telco circuits.
  • Critical data backup, data migration, virtual storage and/or restore operations.
4. Network Security

Information Security Systems are the most sought after services in the present day scenario where distributed computing, client-server and Internet-enabled information access are posing major threats for the security of information. Many organizations are implementing stringent codes of conduct to ensure acceptable levels of behavior among their employees. Equally important is the choice of a proper security policy and its strict implementation.

Noah IT Solutions’ networking engineers review your Network security from various angles to give you a thorough understanding of how secure they are. These periodical reviews include the physical security of the machines, the security levels of the firewalls as well as the integrity of the employees. Spying and theft of information through networks is a recent phenomenon and hence it has not been properly addressed so far. Noah IT Solutions’ service engineers assess the security levels of an organization or a network based on three important criteria:

the outside of the Enterprise - the view of the computer infrastructure through the firewall
the inside of the Enterprise - the view of computers from behind the firewall
the computer keyboard - the view from the actual operating system of the individual machine itself
Each of these perspectives reveals unique security threats. Removing the threats as seen from outside is an important step to prevent any mischief by amateur hackers as well as serious industrial spying. Eliminating the threats as they appear from behind the firewall results in two important benefits. It creates an alternative line of defense if the firewall is not effective. And then it creates a defense for the attacks around the firewall through a modem or other non-protected entryway. Finally, assessing the security of the individual systems will effectively put an end to all the threats that could creep in through a firewall or from other machines on the network. All these steps strengthen the security of the machines, restricting the chances of attack for the disgruntled worker or the co-opted contractor.

Noah IT Solutions uses various methods of defense for the Corporate Information System. Noah IT Solutions understands that a periodical security audit must be in place for all the organizations not leaving any scope for possible threats. The entire process should also be repeatable to provide a consistent perspective on the firm’s security practice. A periodical security assessment naturally results in an increased workload for MIS department. We seek to lighten this burden through the use of highly effective security audit tools. Noah IT Solutions provides security tools for your organization involving thorough and repeatable processes with an effective means of implementing various corrective measures.

5. Wireless LAN & WAN

Noah IT Solutions offers intelligent wireless networking solutions based on Wi-Fi and RF technologies, for local area network access and point-to-point and point-to-multipoint WAN connectivity.

Emerging technologies like 802.11a/b/g/x wireless networking, Multi vender wireless systems are now able to connect client PCs without running cable. More over, present day transmission speeds have successfully overcome problems like radio transmission echo making the server accessing simpler and easier.

With a strong experience in wireless communications and converged voice and data networking, Noah IT Solutions is all set to spread the benefits of wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs). Our solutions serve every environment from the simple residential applications to offices, schools, campuses and metropolitan wireless networks.

Noah IT Solutions delivers highly secure high-bandwidth, long-range communication to public spaces and security-sensitive applications. Industry-standard 802.11a/b/g/x networking means that your investment is in safe hands now. And innovative, dual-slot design gives you a migration path to the future.

Wireless networking for security-sensitive applications

Our solutions provide complete security beyond RADIUS authentication. Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) radio modulation prevents the mischief by casual and petty trespassers. The serious efforts of any possible spying are blocked by Medium Access Control (MAC) based Access Control Table. 64-bit RC4 encryption is used for higher security levels. RC4 encryption keys are automatically generated and distributed on a per-user, per-session basis, using the Diffie-Hellman algorithm. This highly secure solution requires no monitoring resulting in hassle-free business saving time and money.

Speeds up to 108 Megabits per second

We make sure that higher data rates of up to 108 Megabits per second (Mb/s) are delivered, much faster than conventional T1 or E1 lines resulting in high-bandwidth connectivity to laptop PCs and other wireless clients. And capacity for two PC cards enables you to operate two 108 MB/s channels simultaneously from a single unit.

Industry-standard wireless networking

Our wireless solutions are fully compliant with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 802.11a/b/g /x (Wi-Fi compliant) standards for wireless LANs. You get robust, reliable connectivity and the high performance of wired LANs, but with flexibility, mobility, and low cost of wireless.

6. Audio-Visual Systems

Modern corporate set-ups have a wide range of presentation needs - internal as well as external - demanding state-of-the-art audio-visual facilities.

Noah IT Solutions is fully aware of these demands and is fully equipped with the necessary technology and expertise to cater to these architectural and other demands.

You can rely on Noah IT Solutions whatever your needs are – ranging from sophisticated show control technology along with the newest hi-definition video, to intelligent or architectural lighting and multi-channel audio and even breath-taking entertainment facilities of all sizes that you need to present the state of the network on a video wall command center.

Our experts are drawn from diverse backgrounds and experience in all areas of systems integration. We understand well that each project is unique, and accordingly equally unique methods are adopted for the successful installation. Our ultimate objective is quality installation and complete customer satisfaction.

Developing a rapport with all the stakeholders of the project like architects, designers, facilities managers not to mention both IT and construction professionals, Noah IT Solutions designs, builds and installs world-class audio visual environments for all forms of presentation and communication purposes.

  • Design and Project Engineering
  • Consulting
  • AV Systems Integration
  • Design/Build
  • Installation
  • Client Training
  • Preventative Maintenance and Warranties

Our qualified and dedicated professionals provide a complete implementation - including consultation, engineering, coordination and labor for display, video, audio, smart control systems, as well as required plates, connectors and cables.

7. Voice over IP Services and Support

Noah IT Solutions full portfolio of consulting and technology services provides an efficient, streamlined process that can help keep all your VoIP initiatives on track, in time, and well within the budget.

Our VoIP Professional Services portfolio includes

Business Modeling & Analysis
Successful VoIP implementations are based on a sound business sense. Noah IT Solutions evaluates and analyzes all the fiscal factors that can affect an integration initiative, resulting in lower financial risk and helping achieve ROI projections.

VoIP Readiness Assessment
Noah IT Solutions’ expert professionals carefully explain our customers the entire process of establishing VoIP-ready networks. For this purpose, our people leave no stone unturned until the customer gets a complete picture of what he gets.

VoIP Technology Evolution Planning & Design
A detailed financial and technical comparison of potential VoIP solutions can guide service providers to the right choices.

Multi-vendor Hardware and Software Integration
Making smart choices about VoIP solutions is just the first step. Noah IT Solutions has the multi-vendor experience and expertise needed to transform disparate products into an efficient, cost-effective VoIP infrastructure. Multi-vendor Installation, Test and Turn-up

Noah IT Solutions follows up the installation stage of a VoIP rollout with extensive fine tuning to help ensure that carriers get the full value from their investments. Noah IT Solutions is committed to perfect execution and 100% Customer Satisfaction on every service we provide.

8. Storage Solutions

Storage systems, switches, servers, management software, multi-protocol support, services and all other storage network components are covered by our SAN solutions. Noah IT Solutions integrates multiple vendor server, storage, and SAN switch and software components into solution templates which have been thoroughly tested to provide high availability, scalability, security, and simplicity of management.

Our Business Continuity solutions include data protection with shared local or remote tape library technology and disk storage with point-in-time copy technology and automated backup and recovery software; and disaster tolerance with disk storage mirroring technologies and SAN fabric extension technologies which can provide metro and global distance solutions. The benefits are:
• Enables enterprises to implement the right disaster recovery/business continuance plan for their businesses at affordable costs.
• Delivers high-quality storage connectivity at rock bottom expenses.
• Significantly reduces recurring bandwidth costs by up to 70%.
• Results in lower capital cost (elimination of switches/routers, software tunable equipment) Higher performance (low latency, high throughput, detailed monitoring)

Our SANs solutions ensure that total investment is considerably reduced by way of minimizing downtime, improving performance, and optimizing server and storage configurations. Our range of networking options includes both Fiber Channel and SCSI configurations (and solutions).

9. Global Services

The Noah IT Solutions' Global Services Division combines the expertise of our Program Management with that of our partners, resulting in unique partnered service packages on national and global basis. Developed over a period of ten years, Global Services initiative is a database of partner companies that covers North and South America with decades of exposure in the field.

Our Global Services initiative is highly successful largely because of our unique centralized approach to project management. We follow structured implementation procedures for design control, cost management, quality assurance, testing, and final inspection. Not relying on repeatable processes, we believe in tailoring our approach to each individual client, taking into account their unique requirements like environment and their business objectives. This approach creates a smooth integration of multiple vendors with an overall process, providing the client with a single point of contact and accountability.

Good communication and network infrastructure facilities can boost up projects at multiple sites of an open organization. The entire program needs to be consistently and carefully managed in order to minimize impact on existing operations. Noah IT Solutions provides national or worldwide program management. Our areas of expertise are multi-site rollouts, campus environments and large single-site cabling and equipment installation projects. Our hassle-free, efficient and highly effective approach to centralized project management leads to optimization of resources. Processes for design control, cost management, quality assurance, inspection, testing, and certification are included and every value-added service is tailored to project requirements.

Noah IT Solutions has over ten years of experience in successful completion of complex projects. Our trained and highly experienced technicians can evaluate the scope of your program and then develop a customized approach for implementation.

The vision of Noah IT Solutions is to provide a single point of contact for all your business requirements in engineering, program management, on-site support, project management and installation support.

10. Data Center Engineering Services

Our group Data Center and Mission Critical Facility Management provides unique consulting and full-service solutions for Commercial Facilities and Information Technology Data Centers. These cover construction design and consulting services not to mention Information Technology Solutions for data, voice, video, local area and wide area networking and information technology solutions. Our team specializes in data centers and other mission critical facilities. Noah IT Solutions sets itself apart from other IT Consulting or Construction Management firms by of blending its Information Technology, Professional Services and Mission Critical Facility Management experience.

This lends us the power to deliver reasonable and cost effective business solutions, focused on mission critical infrastructure, and high-end information technology applications, which require 100% uptime.

Noah IT Solutions provides total solutions to its clients right from selection of the site and its viability. Our team of professionally qualified technicians visits the proposed plant location to find out its viability for high technology and mission-critical applications.

The proposed site and/or buildings are analyzed from various perspectives like engineering, environmental, utility, zoning and planning so as to make perceptive recommendations. Examining lease terms and other factors as power and local telecom/fiber infrastructure enables us to provide necessary guidance that minimizes your investment as well as running costs.

Shortly after the site visit, we will be able provide you with a down-to-earth picture of the design, budget and schedule. We make sure that you will get a perfectly feasible business plan suiting your expectations and well within your budget. The site analysis and building audits analyze the following:
• Power consultation
• Lease, utility and local government negotiations
• Fiber backbone location
• Environmental evaluation (e.g. air quality, fuel storage, noise abatement, etc.)
• Structural and mechanical evaluation
• Roofing
• Vehicle parking
• Safety and security
• Alta survey
• Code survey
• Asbestos and lead paint survey
• Geo-technical survey
• Acoustical analysis

Inbuilding Security & Monitoring System with CC Cameras ( both digital & analog video surveillance)

Noah IT Solutions is in service business, delivering total integrated Data communications and electrical solutions, Noah IT Solutions customers are able to leverage the opportunity to have the one Company across India, deliver their data communications and Electrical requirements. As a part of Noah IT Solutions, the services include the design, installation and maintenance of digital video security and surveillance systems specifically designed for protection of major infrastructure and asset safeguard. Both unique and robust, these systems include seamless integration using existing onsite network infrastructure and offer vast opportunities in sectors of critical infrastructure monitoring, including power, mining, water, transport, government facilities, airports, defense, IT&ITES, Educational and both the retail & commercial sectors.

Noah IT Solutions has skilled and experienced technicians who can analyze your current security, make recommendations to improve, and assist you in implementing a cost effective more proactive and efficient digital security surveillance solution.

Noah IT Solutions maintain strong relationships with some of the largest and most established providers of security hardware and software and have a portfolio inclusive of the largest regional airports and utility companies in India.

Noah IT Solutions offer security at appropriate levels integrated into a single surveillance and monitoring system. The integrated IP based surveillance systems include network cameras, all controlled via an open platform IP video camera management system and accessible via local and wide area network. Extended features include scalability, flexibility; integration with other systems, remote monitoring, intelligent detection system, fast searching on event video, TCP/IP based technologies and much more.

Our collective experience has proven that you just cannot achieve the same results using the mainstream analogue CCTV cameras and DVR systems. Noah IT Solutions install IP surveillance systems rather than analogue to digital DVR’s because IP based camera systems enable customers to leverage off their already existing cabled networks where necessary. With the recent advent of IP based camera technologies now you can use the existing computer network infrastructure for digital video delivery.


Noah IT Solutions design, install and maintain security and access control systems, using state of the art technology for controlling and recording multiple images simultaneously within complexes.

These systems enable security staff to monitor all areas of the premises, allowing them to spot potential security concerns. Aside from obvious safety benefits, these systems create a secure and safe facility.

Integrated Security Systems and Networked solutions must be carefully planned, designed, installed and maintained. It is the skills necessary to design and deploy fully integrated security systems that set Noah IT Solutions apart from most of its competitors. We have extensive knowledge and experience of integrating different products such as CCTV, Access Control & Intruder Alarms, into a single networked system.

Noah IT Solutions’ experienced team of technicians work in conjunction with each client to ensure that the solution proposed meets the objectives of the client expectations both now and in the foreseeable future.

Noah IT Solutions design, install and maintain CCTV systems and surveillance cameras. From a single camera to multiple sites, and multiple camera systems incorporating hundreds of cameras, Noah IT Solutions have experience in designing and installing them all.

We install the very latest in system technology and are constantly reviewing and researching new products to make sure those Noah IT Solutions stays at the forefront of the cutting edge technology. Systems can be stand along or networked and integrated with existing security systems, to combine and simplify monitoring and detection processes.