Call Center Services

Noah IT Solutions has been specialising in inbound call centre services and provided these services to a range of companies since 1998. We manage call centres for brands with great care and integrity. We are responsible for the brand and see ourselves as the front line for the brand interaction with the customer. Such is the trust of brands that Noah IT Solutions independently manages inbound consumer services for several leading multinational firms operating in India as well as large domestic companies.

Our clients are from various industries including pharmaceuticals, FMCG, insurance, appliances, home building materials, fintech and more.

Managing Inbound Call Centre Services is a specialist task requiring skills that are very different from outbound marketingTeam members have to be trained very well on all processes and questions that callers may have. Voice recorders and training specialists have to be used to manage service and communication quality. The customer may come from anywhere, with any problem and with varying degrees of complexity. Managing inbound call centres is an expert task. Requiring experience, maturity and ability to handle pressure.

We provide inbound customer service support for several types of applications. Brands, Businesses and Corporations can outsource call centre services to Noah IT Solutions in one or more ways:

1. Live Agent Phone Based Call Centre To Handle Inbound Calls

Through this process, we deploy dedicated phone based representatives to handle inbound queries and calls from consumers, trade partners, dealers and employees of our clients based on processes set up and outsourced to our call centre. The representatives handling calls are dedicated to the process and are extensively and continuously trained on the processes, the kinds of queries that they may encounter, the exception management processes, the escalation processes and the frequently asked questions

2. Live Web Chat Support

With growing ecommerce and direct to consumer businesses, companies are investing a lot in interactive marketing and digital marketing to drive traffic to their website. What happens when the consumer comes to the website or ecommerce store? Is there someone there to assist the visitor? Just like a regular brick and mortar shop will have sales reps to meet the customer, an online store or company website can have live representatives available to chat with the website visitor. This is a task that can be performed by the employee of the company. However, it makes sense to outsource web chat services to a professional call centre outsourcing service provider like Noah IT Solutions . We provide these services in English from our centres in Mumbai and Kolkata in India. This service can be provided during business hours and also after business hours. On weekends and holidays too. Thus, as a customer of Noah IT Solutions , you can get web chat enabled on your website or ecommerce store on a 24 X 7 X 365 basis.

We provide these services with the option to escalate complex tasks to specialists, who may be on standby within the company. Our staff are trained to handle a variety of questions and can resolve customer issues using web chat as a medium of communication. The advantage of this service is that the customer could be anywhere in the world and get service without having to make a phone call. We can even enable new messaging apps like Facebook messenger

If you are a website operator or have an ecommerce store anywhere in the world and need English language webchat services, please contact Noah IT Solutions today!

3. Customer Service Email Support & Response Management

With the growing use of mobile devices and enablement of ecommerce sites with customer service enabled on them through forms and submissions, the number of customer service emails received by companies and businesses is going up. Brands are encouraging customers to go online to get served and this results in emails being generated from forms submitted by customers.

Apart from form submission, there are several places where the company email may be listed. In some countries like India, the Consumer Affairs Regulators mandate that a consumer service email address be provided on all product packaging

Handling emails needs to be done well. Else it leads to many emails from the same customer and the cost of managing the response may far exceed the cost of handling the response through a live phone based contact centre.

Representatives handling email response not only need to be well trained but also need access to a knowledge base which they can dip into to get answers. And they need to have a problem-solving approach and be good written communicators. This is a specialised task and needs to be done by an established specialist service provider like Noah IT Solutions

There are a range of technologies available for email response management. Noah IT Solutions has access to various technologies and also works with the technology used by our clients

We are able to work on shifts to be able to respond to your customer emails on a timely basis. So, while your business may be closed, your customers emails will be managed and responded to on time

4. Interactive Voice Response And Voice Mail Management

An alternative to the live call centre is to use an interactive voice response system that includes voice mail collation and response management

This process involves setting up an interactive voice response system whereby the customer call and leave messages. The messages left by callers are then retrieved, filtered, segregated and transcribed. Based on the nature or the call and query or complaint, the information is transmitted to our clients for their action.

All our call centre services are customized based on client requirements and the service can be provided from 8 hours to 24 hours per day. Clients benefit from outsourcing call centre requirements to us, as we are able to provide these services using specialist resources and infrastructure. The service is also available extended hours and on holidays. Thereby providing our clients with peace of mind. Our services cover consumer help lines, dealer help lines, service help lines, employee help lines, online store sales response lines and several other applications