Network Security

Information Security Systems are the most sought after services in the present day scenario where distributed computing, client-server and Internet-enabled information access are posing major threats for the security of information. Many organizations are implementing stringent codes of conduct to ensure acceptable levels of behavior among their employees. Equally important is the choice of a proper security policy and its strict implementation.

Noah IT Solutions’ networking engineers review your Network security from various angles to give you a thorough understanding of how secure they are. These periodical reviews include the physical security of the machines, the security levels of the firewalls as well as the integrity of the employees. Spying and theft of information through networks is a recent phenomenon and hence it has not been properly addressed so far. Noah IT Solutions’ service engineers assess the security levels of an organization or a network based on three important criteria:

The outside of the Enterprise - the view of the computer infrastructure through the firewall
The inside of the Enterprise - the view of computers from behind the firewall
The computer keyboard - the view from the actual operating system of the individual machine itself

Each of these perspectives reveals unique security threats. Removing the threats as seen from outside is an important step to prevent any mischief by amateur hackers as well as serious industrial spying. Eliminating the threats as they appear from behind the firewall results in two important benefits. It creates an alternative line of defense if the firewall is not effective. And then it creates a defense for the attacks around the firewall through a modem or other non-protected entryway. Finally, assessing the security of the individual systems will effectively put an end to all the threats that could creep in through a firewall or from other machines on the network. All these steps strengthen the security of the machines, restricting the chances of attack for the disgruntled worker or the co-opted contractor.

Noah IT Solutions uses various methods of defense for the Corporate Information System. Noah IT Solutions understands that a periodical security audit must be in place for all the organizations not leaving any scope for possible threats. The entire process should also be repeatable to provide a consistent perspective on the firm’s security practice. A periodical security assessment naturally results in an increased workload for MIS department. We seek to lighten this burden through the use of highly effective security audit tools. Noah IT Solutions provides security tools for your organization involving thorough and repeatable processes with an effective means of implementing various corrective measures.