Storage Solutions

Storage systems, switches, servers, management software, multi-protocol support, services and all other storage network components are covered by our SAN solutions. Noah IT Solutions integrates multiple vendor server, storage, and SAN switch and software components into solution templates which have been thoroughly tested to provide high availability, scalability, security, and simplicity of management.

Our Business Continuity solutions include data protection with shared local or remote tape library technology and disk storage with point-in-time copy technology and automated backup and recovery software; and disaster tolerance with disk storage mirroring technologies and SAN fabric extension technologies which can provide metro and global distance solutions.

  • Enables enterprises to implement the right disaster recovery/business continuance plan for their businesses at affordable costs.
  • Delivers high-quality storage connectivity at rock bottom expenses.
  • Significantly reduces recurring bandwidth costs by up to 70%.
  • Results in lower capital cost (elimination of switches/routers, software tunable equipment) Higher performance (low latency, high throughput, detailed monitoring)

Our SANs solutions ensure that total investment is considerably reduced by way of minimizing downtime, improving performance, and optimizing server and storage configurations. Our range of networking options includes both Fiber Channel and SCSI configurations (and solutions).