E-Mail Marketing Services

E-mail Marketing is a method of sending out commercial messages to particular demographics of people via email. It is one of the best ways to broadcast information regarding any new service or campaign.

We are one of the renowned Email Marketing Company In Mumbai, as our services are available at economical prices, which makes it easy for all the businesses to avail it.

We have a strong relationship with all our clients, as we work according to their business needs. We use popular email marketing tools to give out the best results to our clients. E-mail marketing is a modern technique, which keeps the clients engaged, and imprints the name of the business on the existing as well as a potential audience.

Our Firm Is Offering The Service Of E-Mail Marketing From Start To End, And Work With Full Efforts To Give Out The Satisfactory Results, The Services Include:

Through this process, we deploy dedicated phone based representatives to handle inbound queries and calls from consumers, trade partners, dealers and employees of our clients based on processes set up and outsourced to our call centre. The representatives handling calls are dedicated to the process and are extensively and continuously trained on the processes, the kinds of queries that they may encounter, the exception management processes, the escalation processes and the frequently asked questions

  • Building and segmenting an e-mail list
  • Creating a Campaign
  • Enable Autoresponders
  • Enable Tracking
  • Send
  • Reporting and Analysis