Global Solutions

The Noah IT Solutions' Global Services Division combines the expertise of our Program Management with that of our partners, resulting in unique partnered service packages on national and global basis. Developed over a period of ten years, Global Services initiative is a database of partner companies that covers North and South America with decades of exposure in the field.

Our Global Services initiative is highly successful largely because of our unique centralized approach to project management. We follow structured implementation procedures for design control, cost management, quality assurance, testing, and final inspection. Not relying on repeatable processes, we believe in tailoring our approach to each individual client, taking into account their unique requirements like environment and their business objectives. This approach creates a smooth integration of multiple vendors with an overall process, providing the client with a single point of contact and accountability.

Good communication and network infrastructure facilities can boost up projects at multiple sites of an open organization. The entire program needs to be consistently and carefully managed in order to minimize impact on existing operations. Noah IT Solutions provides national or worldwide program management. Our areas of expertise are multi-site rollouts, campus environments and large single-site cabling and equipment installation projects. Our hassle-free, efficient and highly effective approach to centralized project management leads to optimization of resources. Processes for design control, cost management, quality assurance, inspection, testing, and certification are included and every value-added service is tailored to project requirements.

Noah IT Solutions has over ten years of experience in successful completion of complex projects. Our trained and highly experienced technicians can evaluate the scope of your program and then develop a customized approach for implementation.

The vision of Noah IT Solutions is to provide a single point of contact for all your business requirements in engineering, program management, on-site support, project management and installation support.