Both British and American English are fluent among the members of our editorial staff. The copyediting staff of Noah IT Solutions has experience with a variety of publication formats, including monographs, textbooks, professional titles, important reference works, and journals, as well as publisher-specific styles.

The editors at Noah IT Solutions gain a thorough understanding of each client’s expectations and requirements because we serve a variety of publishing clients. Our editors are assigned to certain customers and projects based on their academic qualifications and research interests, and we make sure they are familiar with the formats they will be working in.

The Style Management System (SMS), an internal Word-based copyediting programme that automates the manuscript editing process for both language and style, is used by Noah IT Solutions copyeditors. The LSMS’s increased efficiency allows the copyeditor to concentrate more on the craft and mechanics of editing, resulting in a high-quality, reasonably priced final document.


Quality editing and editorial proofreading (EPR) services are offered by Noah IT Solutions to the publishing sector. We put out a lot of effort to retain this reputation by employing a helpful customer support team that helps clients with any service or technical issues as they may arise, resulting in a seamless and stress-free experience. Noah IT Solutions has amassed a substantial network of highly qualified editors, which consists of people based in the USA, the UK, and India.

Most of our editors have more than ten years of experience working on STM books and journals, and they are all proficient language editors. The APA, CMS, AMA, and Harvard styles are just a few of the many style manuals that our editors are proficient in. The editors at Noah IT Solutions have advanced degrees (either a master’s or a doctorate) and have worked in a variety of subject areas and specialties.