Voice over IP Services and Support

Noah IT Solutions full portfolio of consulting and technology services provides an efficient, streamlined process that can help keep all your VoIP initiatives on track, in time, and well within the budget.

Business Modeling & Analysis

Successful VoIP implementations are based on a sound business sense. Noah IT Solutions evaluates and analyzes all the fiscal factors that can affect an integration initiative, resulting in lower financial risk and helping achieve ROI projections.

VoIP Readiness Assessment

Noah IT Solutions’ expert professionals carefully explain our customers the entire process of establishing VoIP-ready networks. For this purpose, our people leave no stone unturned until the customer gets a complete picture of what he gets.

VoIP Technology Evolution Planning & Design

A detailed financial and technical comparison of potential VoIP solutions can guide service providers to the right choices.

Multi-vendor Hardware and Software Integration

Making smart choices about VoIP solutions is just the first step. Noah IT Solutions has the multi-vendor experience and expertise needed to transform disparate products into an efficient, cost-effective VoIP infrastructure. Multi-vendor Installation, Test and Turn-up

Noah IT Solutions follows up the installation stage of a VoIP rollout with extensive fine tuning to help ensure that carriers get the full value from their investments. Noah IT Solutions is committed to perfect execution and 100% Customer Satisfaction on every service we provide.