On-Site Support

Noah IT Solutions provides on-site support, staff augmentation and all kinds of technical assistance for customers who do not have a physical presence with a Co-location hosting environment to help you with your Information Technology requirements.

Noah IT Solutions offers 24 x 7 on-site IT support guided by contract deliverables and incorporated service level agreements that bring about immediate response and service resolution.

Our certified team of on-site professionals with extensive experience in enterprise data center software, hardware and applications will directly interact with your technical personnel to fix any problem as and when it arises. Our services include the following:

  • Advanced systems and network troubleshooting. Provide security patches, updates and regular OS and hardware maintenance along with existing applications to ensure optimum vulnerability and functionality.
  • Install, replace or remove equipment components (e.g. router/switches, internal modules or cards, disk drives, memory, etc.) that are hot-swappable and/or highly modular in design.
  • Full deployment of delivered infrastructure, including hardware, software, middleware, and related components complete with as-built documentation and testing.
  • Design, install and implement new LAN/WAN or assistance in augmentation of existing platforms or networks.
  • Install customer application software with default configurations or specific customer-provided configurations. Rebooting or power cycling equipment. Provide remote hands and eyes for a customer’s remote troubleshooting efforts.
  • Relaying equipment status and functionality via terminal monitor or console connection. Testing and certification of Ethernet and fiber optic cabling.
  • Media changes - swapping of pre-labeled, pre-ejected removable media types.
  • Adding, removing, or verifying circuit demarcation labels.
  • Labeling equipment and cable connections, including the standardization of infrastructure and system components for documentation and management including standard naming conventions and labeling. Packaging, shipping and handling customer equipment or RMA equipment.
  • Moving, securing, installing, replacing or verifying connectivity integrity for cross-connects and third party circuits.
  • Establishing or taking down a loop-back on a carrier circuit to assist in remote testing. Diagnostic and signal testing a circuit with diagnostic equipment including loop-back testing for Telco circuits.
  • Critical data backup, data migration, virtual storage and/or restore operations.